We help our clients shape the future by joining the dots between how they create value, what they stand for and how they connect to the world.


A new model for a new reality.


Landscape & Megatrends

get to grips with the social, cultural, economic, environmental and technological trends that are relevant to YOUR business.

We help our clients connect to the opportunities, show how others have done it and use it to create leadership consensus and excitement. We draw on diverse sources from consumer insight and technology shifts to policy debate and sustainable development goals.



Purpose With Substance

Making purpose robust and relevant to the people and places in which you operate.

We define, refine or deepen our clients’ corporate purpose by linking it to social, environmental and economic trends and insight. This creates substantial purpose, grounded in reality, designed to drive growth.



Socially Relevant Brands

Keeping brands connected to the issues that matter. 

We help corporate and product brands identify the big societal shifts that matter to customers and help them spark disruptive innovation, reinvent business models, enhance brand strategy and stay relevant.



Connected Strategy

Refining core business strategy to create opportunities from disruptive dynamics. 

We find profitable and relevant ways to connect the business to the big issues that are reshaping our world; reinventing products and services in a context of resource stress, hyper transparency, geopolitical flux, social fragmentation, and artificial intelligence.

the un  ●  coty ●  the home depot


Sustainable Growth Plans

Mapping out the contribution that your organisation or brand makes to the world. 

We design sustainability strategies that drive growth and create value, starting by connecting with what customers really care about. They are jargon-free. Targets are big, robust and simple. They engage the whole business.


Activation: Inside & Outside

Turning plans into practice and targets into habits. 

We bring strategy to life inside and outside the business with communication, innovation, financial modelling, stakeholder engagement, employee comms, consumer behaviour change and data design.