Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) was formed in 2015 following the merger of the coffee division of Mondelez International with Douwe Egberts. WE WERE APPOINTED PRE-MERGER TO DEFINE A PURPOSE-LED VALUE PROPOSITION FOR THE NEW ENTITY.

A coffee for every cup
JDE own some of the world's best known coffee brands including Kenco, Jacobs, Tassimo, Senseo, L'OR and, of course, Douwe Egberts. These span the whole spectrum of coffee tastes, price points and delivery methods.

We worked alongside branding firm, Design Bridge, in Amsterdam, who coined the brand idea 'A coffee for every cup'

Our role was to build on that idea, connect it to employees and devise a range of activation ideas to make the new brand promise visible, tangible and resonant for over 10,000 employees serving 100 countries. 


Joining purpose to profit

With over 250 years of corporate history, "DE Master Blenders 1753" (to give it its full name) was driven by a sense of making a positive impact across its operations. Mondelez too, with brands like Kenco, had a proud history of social and environmental responsibility - something that its people felt proud of and motivated by.  Employee and Executive research (and common sense) told us that this needed to be a core part of the new employee promise and experience.

But this was also a private-equity driven merger with aggressive growth targets. So we needed to find a simple way to explain a direct link between responsible actions and value creation. 

I see our people want to contribute more than ever – but they want to do so on their terms. No one wants to be part of anonymous corporate body.
    - Senior Management interview, 2015