“How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition by showing the world who we really are?”

Military, multi-nationals and Michelin stars

Compass is the world's leading provider of food, hospitality and support services. We supported Compass UK & Ireland who provide everything from Michelin-starred restaurant experiences, to hospitality and food for sporting events, companies, schools, hospitals and the armed forces. Their competitors range from global multinationals to small, nimble, local players.   

Purpose-driven solution

The leadership at Compass UK & Ireland recognised that, in this crowded market place, they needed to better define what they bring to clients, consumers and their people in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. Compass also wanted their wide range of specialist brands to sit alongside them in a more valuable and appropriate way.

We agreed with the client that what was required was a purpose-driven narrative that would engage multiple stakeholders. The first external iteration of this would be their corporate website.

Finding your place in the world

We started by uncovering insights from a wide range of sources including strategy documents, market and customer insights, social media activities and stats, pitch presentations and competitor websites. We followed this up with interviews with the leadership team to better understand the company’s strategic priorities and the areas where the company could demonstrate competitive advantage.

From this, we defined a series of ‘territories’ where the company could position themselves. We worked with the leadership to identify the one that was both truly differentiated and that the company could authentically occupy.

Following this, we developed a narrative framework. This included defining the company’s purpose - ‘Brightening everyone’s day’ - and a supporting narrative framework - ‘the ingredients’ - that brought the purpose alive through words and visuals.

Finally we developed a notional structure, copy and visual style for the website which sought to convey energy, passion, diversity, restlessness and a company that’s truly powered by people.


The new purpose - ‘Brightening everyone’s day’ - and the supporting narrative framework, are being used by pitch teams across the company for new business and by the company as a central plank of their recruitment process. The revamped corporate website has been launched with this new purpose at its core. It has been widely welcomed by the wider family of brands as helping to differentiate the service offerings in their respective markets whilst conveying the true spirit of the company.