A home to feel good about


If you wanted to make a seriously positive impact on how people live life at home, Kingfisher would be a pretty good place to start.

With 1,200 stores in 10 countries, 77,000 colleagues and 6 million customers, the reach and impact through their stores, including B&Q, Screwfix, and Castorama, is phenomenal.

For the last 12 months Fortitude Partners have been working with Kingfisher to build a sustainable growth plan, designed to deliver what customers really care about.

To help deliver Kingfisher’s purpose that “everybody should be able to have a home they can feel good about”, we started with a review of extensive customer research across five markets. It became clear that customers do care about sustainability, they just don’t call it ‘sustainability’.

Saving energy is top of mind. Reconnecting to nature through indoor and outdoor space is a massive need. And people are increasingly concerned about living in toxin-free homes.

Based on these insights, we helped develop a radical plan around the reality of customers’ needs. It’s a very different approach to most sustainability strategies and is now being used to drive innovation in digital, stores, and product ranges.

“Kingfisher may well be one of the first major brands to enable the millions of customers buying its products and services to truly live a sustainable lifestyle by connecting its sustainability programme with the issues we all care about”.

Dr Sally Uren OBE Chief Executive, Forum for the Future  
January 2018

After nine months of internal testing and substantiation, the sustainable growth plan was launched to opinion formers and stakeholders in January 2018.

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Maddie Stone