Globality selects Fortitude as launch provider

After a  chance meeting, whilst speaking at a conference in New York in November, we've been invited by Globality to be one of their first providers at launch. (Our appointment was highlighted in Fortune Magazine.)

Globality is an invitation-only marketplace for professional services, which aims to bridge the gap between large corporate purchasers and 'outstanding service firms' (like us!).

And it's backed by some pretty big-hitters - including Jo Hyatt, the founder of Al Gore's Current TV, Jim Nally, former PwC Chairman, Oracle's co-CEO Mark Hurd, former IBM CFO John Joyce, and Al Gore.

“Many companies today misguidedly attempt to reduce procurement costs by working with only a few large service providers instead of allowing quality and value to drive their selection process. Globality’s disruptive technology will enable companies to reliably identify the best provider at the best price in a scalable way.”

Globality picks outstanding small and medium sized firms, and connects them to big multinationals using a much faster AI-powered alternative to the costly and time-consuming RFP process - typically used by large corporates to hire consultants. According to Hyatt, "the RFP is an analog process in a digital world.”

Joel Hyatt, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Globality, sold his latest venture Current TV to Al Jazeera in 2013

Joel Hyatt, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Globality, sold his latest venture Current TV to Al Jazeera in 2013

We're excited about the opportunities that may come from Globality. But we're doubly fired-up by the big radical purpose at the heart of this company.  They not only want to turn the big-firm consulting model on its head, but the mission is big and noble; "to make globalization work for more businesses and people around the world". Sounds like our kind of partner! 


About Globality

At launch, Globality represents approximately 350 consulting services companies in 55 countries. Investors include Al Gore, one-time Apple retail executive Ron Johnson, and Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman. In addition to Nally from PricewaterhouseCoopers, Globality’s board has several members with many years of experience in professional services, including Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd, former IBM CFO John Joyce, and Andersen Tax CEO Mark Vorsatz.

Sean McKnight